Edit with Emacs v1.7

Posted on Thu 29 July 2010 by alex in geek

It's been a while so I released a new version of Edit with Emacs for Google Chrome(ium). To be honest most of the changes are to edit-server.el. The most major change is moving all the frame configuration options into a single edit-server-new-frame-alist which might cause confusion if people don't read the change log which is:


* New icon state. Blue=Waiting, Green=In Progress, Red=Error
* Improved mouse-over text for icon to give more useful feedback


* Move all frame customisation into edit-server-new-frame-alist
* Don't ask user before closing emacs and network process
* Just skip creating new network process if it's already running
* Make sure edit buffer is selected on new frames
* Prompt window manager to bring new frames to the top of the stack (X windows only)
* Enable multi-byte mode on edit buffers for better unicode handling
* Explicitly fail on XEmacs if make-network-process isn't found (XEmacs patches welcome)