Serious Business

Posted on Mon 23 August 2010 in general

While Fliss was away for the weekend on her extended crochet and knitting course I was handed a list of tasks to do in her absence. My Dad came around to help me* replace the light fittings and we then cycled into town for the most enjoyable task from the list.

We will be having a couple of barrels of local beer at the wedding. The brewery had given me a list of beers that would be ready by wedding day so together with CW (enjoying a rare break from the family) we set about tasting our way through the list. We only needed to go to two pubs in the process. The fist the St Radegund is a big fan of Milton brewery and also a regular haunt of the brewers themselves. We started with the Nero (me foolishly starting with a pint) and then the Tiki. After that we had to head down to the Devonshire Arms which stocks around 5 lines of Milton ales in their extensive range. The food was nice, especially the rather cool Chocolate Ale Cake which was made with the previously mentioned Nero. We ended the tasting on Nero's "bigger brother" Marcus Aurelius which was a wonderful winter stout but certainly not a session beer. People shall have to wait until the wedding to find out the final selection but hopefully they will both be popular.

After my Dad headed home we retired to the Cambridge Blue, CW keen to take advantage of the rare visit into town. We didn't stay up too late although it was dark by the time my beer wheels (bike, off-road) took me home. Job Done :-)

Or I helped him, as is often the way of such things :-)