Posted on Mon 06 September 2010 in general

You really don't appreciate the build-up to the weekend without the sense of calm relaxation that descends afterwards. Sure there have been simple tasks to achieve like returning suits and doing the washing. However there is no longer a list of things to be done related to the wedding preparations. Even if some of the things didn't get ticked off the list I don't think anyone noticed.

It was so nice to see so many friends and family coming together celebrate our nuptials. I did have a slight narcissistic moment standing up in the gazebo while everyone watched us say our vows. I even remember most of the day. The faces are still a bit of a blur though. People looked as though they where having fun and we certainly enjoyed the whole day.

It's been fun going through the pictures from the evening. At some point I might try to collate a selection from all the various sources into an "official" crowd-sourced album. I suspect the lack of obvious ways to pull stuff from various external sources will require me to write a tool of some sort. Unless anyone has any suggestions?