Mysterious Islands in the Sea

Posted on Fri 10 September 2010 in general

We have arrived on a tropical island paradise. It's only slightly disconcerting that the GPS on my phone still hasn't figured out where we are. Although so far smoke monsters and polar bears have not been in evidence. The flights weren't too hard to deal with (6 and 4 hours) but we nevertheless fell to sleep quite readily after dinner and watching the stars come out.

Today has mostly been taking it easy, we figured we should allow whatever jet-lag type effects to pass before plunging into full activity mode. We have been swimming in the sea as well as taking advantage of the horizon pool near the bar. We've also had "medicals" for the diving course were starting on in a few days.

Being in the Indian ocean we're actually fairly off the beaten track for western Europeans. So far we've chatted to some South Africans, played backgammon with some Lebanese and played pool pig in the middle with some Japanese. It's very much a Pacific Rim melting pot here.

Current Reading: The Skinner, Neal Asher and On the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin.