Cloudy with a chance of cloud burst

Posted on Thu 16 September 2010 in general

I was due to do my open dive this afternoon but I woke up so bunged up I decided to delay it yet again. I keep reminding myself I have plenty of time and the experience should be fun.

However I have been acquainting myself with the local Maldivian wild life while out of the water. I spent a rather late breakfast watching some Blacktip reef sharks basking around beneath me waiting for their free scraps from the restaurant. We've also seen a number of weird translucent crabs (who are very fast), a number of hermit crabs as well as locating the nesting tree of the local Fruit Bat population. As a bonus we also saw a Lionfish hiding amongst some rocks under the jetty as I walked with Fliss to the boat for her night dive. Despite my relative dryness she has been taking full advantage of the diving around here.

There is currently a weather system moving over the Maldives and the rest of the Indian ocean. This suits me quite well as the weather is now a touch cooler and therefor more manageable. However the rain bursts do make getting my netbook out in the special EM zone I have discovered a little tricky. Still if we do end up stuck in our room I'm sure we'll not be bored, the 1.5TB of media entertainment is at least a starting point ;-)