Another day, another eviscerated corpse

Posted on Wed 06 October 2010 in general

The cats have been on quite a murderous campaign of rodent eradication since we returned from our honeymoon. One particularly memorable night found me unable to sleep as Andy was making an interesting set of crunching and slurping noises at the foot of the bed. When I turned the light on it was as I had imagined the noises a cat makes when eating a rodent, bones and all.

Fliss reckons this is down to the cats insecurity after our prolonged absence possibly due to lack of food. By leaving the half eaten corpses they are ensuring we are well supplied. I'm not so sure this thesis holds up given the cats seems to enjoy a healthy portion of the aforementioned rodents themselves, despite being well fed from the bowl. I'm sticking with the theory that they are natural born rodent killers and they just like showing off....