Back with a bump

Posted on Tue 16 November 2010 in general

We went up to Manchester last weekend to complete Fliss' much delayed hen night. The ladies reported having much fun partaking in a combination of tea and gambling.

I took the opportunity to go on a short tour of some of Manchester's many fine ale houses. It was nice to catch up with some of the old Transitive crew as well as the regular beer drinking buddies. Somehow we managed to end up exploring some interesting cocktail bars in dark recesses of Salford. We also forgot to eat dinner which might have accounted for the slightly wobbly state which we returned to Aidan and Gillian's in.

Our post weekend high was brought to a rather abrupt halt last night when a neighbour brought Andy, one of our cats, who had been hit and killed on the main road. We are understandably quite shocked, least of all because we thought with all the space behind us the cats wouldn't be tempted to go near the road. However being free roaming felines as they are it's hard to think what else we could have done to dissuade venturing to the front of the house.