Not a creature stirring....

Posted on Sun 26 December 2010 in general

As the sun rises on a clear blue boxing day morning my body ponders what to do with the excess calories of yesterdays toughing. After so many years of the Bennee clan together with occasional grand-parental input we are now entering a new phase of the Christmas dynamic as the extended grouping of Bennee's and Roberson's gather to celebrate the days finally getting longer. Together the 9 of us have scoffed a small mountain of food, challenged each other in mental battle and revelled in classic party games. One particularly fun game was the one known as Dirty Santa which has the interesting dynamic of present theft built in. I missed out on the Lava Lamp but did gain a pair of touch screen enabled gloves which is very handy in this cold weather.

I was quite happy with the Doctor Who special although the scientists in the room did call out "Double Paradox!" at one point. The Grand Mof is certainly a safe pair of hands for the franchise. I'm looking forward to the 2011 season with much anticipation.

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas celebrations and best wishes a we head forward to the new year. What are we calling this decade anyway?