Holy exponential parking charges Batman!

Posted on Mon 07 March 2011 by alex in general

There wasn't much to be achieved at the weekend although I did pick my parents up from their last minute skiing holiday. It did lead to some colourful language when I got tagged by the airports parking scam.

I carefully timed the drive down to arrive as my parented landed. In fact they were slightly early so I move from holding point at the local garage to the short stay pick-up parking. However the airport managed to temporally misplace one of their bags delaying their exit just long enough to push the parked time over to 46 minutes and an eye watering £30 parking charge. A cynic might conclude the two things are related. It would be an interesting exercise to work out how much of the car parks profits are due to slow baggage processing.

The rest of the weekend was fairly relaxed although I did win brownie points for cleaning the kitchen floor while Fliss was out LARPing. Technically of course it was a left over job from the big pre-spring clean two weeks ago.

I watched the first episode of [STRIKEOUT:Holiday with Brian Cox]Wonders of the Universe. I have to say this episode left me a little underwhelmed but possibly because of the glacial introduction of entropy and the heat death of the universe. I'm hoping the next episode is better because I did enjoy the Wonders of the Solar System. We might have to watch the Sky at Night for a little less dumbed down science.