Board Now

Posted on Tue 28 June 2011 in general

The weekend surprised me a bit. I was expecting a so-so weekend with thunderstorms. In the end we ended up with a pretty good Saturday and a fantastic Sunday.

Fliss celebrated her penultimate bit with board games and general merriment. We have acquired a new game, Hex Hex which I have vague memories of having played before. It's a fun game although I suspect the additional rules clause becomes a nightmare if any sort of drinking is involved. There were also some Alice in Wonderland cupcakes decorated by L to accompany our first real BBQ of the year.

There was one moment when we ran out of ales and a couple of the wives offered to drive to the supermarket and fetch more. The relevant husbands were most surprised as it's not an offer that is regularly (if ever) made at home!

We finished up the evening watching the hilarious Noises Off which I can heartily recommend, especially to anyone who's done any sort of theatre work.

Fliss' dad left us on Sunday to finish his UK tour before heading back to Oz. It was sad to see him go but at least is Skype in the meantime. We hope to get over to Oz once we have a handle on this "parenting" thing and the ability to travel with small children.