Bright Lights, Big City

Posted on Fri 05 August 2011 by alex in general

I took advantage of my proximity to the big city 45 minutes away on the train yesterday. I joined Rich and Al and the growing number of Northern refugees at the Great British Beer Festival at Earls Court. While I'm afforded free entry to most beer festivals courtesy of my CAMRA membership I only got a discount at this one. Having said that the £8 entry does grant you access to a massive beer hall with pretty much the largest range of beers I've seen for some time. It seems the money had gone somewhere as it was the first festival I've been to that has gone to the trouble of running lines and fitting proper hand-pulls to the normal festival beers.

Despite the best efforts of Lee to derail my sensible drinking strategy with the last pint of the evening I came through the whole experience is reasonably good nick. It was great to catch up with a whole bunch of people I hadn't seen for some time. I still hate travelling around London but I guess it's not so bad from time to time.