5 years ago

Posted on Mon 02 January 2012 by alex in general

I was reminded of a new years party 5 years ago when I rather drunkenly blurted out to Fliss my desire not to be separated from her by geography next time we welcomed in a new year. We hadn't been together that long and she was visiting Oz for her brothers wedding. Happily I've celebrated every new year with her in person since.

This year was not exactly rock and roll as we now have Ursula with us. We ordered a large takeout and set about watching a few films (Source Code, pretty good actually) before heading up to bed before Big Ben struck. We watched the local fireworks from our bedroom window and pretty quickly went to sleep (a luxury these days to be taken when possible). When I think about the last 5 years I realise what a lucky and fortunate man I am to have such a wonderful wife and now a beautiful baby daughter.