dired-rsync 0.5 release

Posted on Sun 10 November 2019 in geek

If you've been running from MELPA you will have had all these features already but it was certainly overdue a stable tagging. The commit history shows a lot of faffing around getting the CI working again. However there are a bunch of customisation tweaks exposed as well as support for remote-to-remote rsync support (with a very ugly port-forward hack). From the NEWS file:

  • Big CI clean-ups (dropped emake, added Cask)
  • smarter modeline status (show R:n% when one job running)
  • make dired-rsync process dest with expand-file-name
  • we now support remote to remote with an ugly port forward hack
  • prompt the user for a passphrase if we detect stall in process
  • add some basic ert tests
  • new customisation option dired-rsync-source-files
  • new customisation hook dired-rsync-failed-hook

Happy file syncing ;-)