dired-rsync 0.6 released

Posted on Thu 24 December 2020 in geek

Given the slowly growing collection of fixes I thought it was worth cutting a new release for the benefit of those that get their dired-rsync via the stable MELPA channels. The biggest user visible change is dired-rsync no longer tweaks mode-line-process itself. You can now decide if to add dired-rsync-modeline-status in your modeline (or anywhere else if you wish).

Merry Christmas ;-)


  • use tramp functions to decompose URIs (fix #22)
  • use username from dired URI if we have it in rsync
  • fix escaping of 's for remote-to-remote copies
  • better detection of running jobs by parsing buffers
  • increment the reverse proxy port based on active connections
  • don't set mode-line-process, leave it to user to put dired-rsync-modeline-status somewhere