Edit with Emacs v1.8

After a relatively quiet period a number of patches have flowed my way so I thought it was worth pushing out a new version. Perhaps the most “important” feature is the edit box flashing and fading from yellow after being updated (like It’s All Text). It wasn’t that hard to do given jQuery and the …

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Thoughts on Java

I’ve been spending the last week hacking around in Java. One of the components of the product I develop is the open source OpenNMS. As I’ve mentioned before it’s been lightly modified by myself to blend in better with our code mainly in the JSP department for it’s web interface. Last week I discovered I …

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Finding Open Source Android applications

I love my HTC Hero and growing number of applications that are available for it. However the marketplace really doesn’t make clear the difference between free (as in beer) and free (as in freedom). For all sorts of reasons I’d like to be sure the code running on my new favourite device is Open Source. …

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Microsoft vs Google, who will win?

There was a slightly hyperbolic BBC article describing Google’s Chrome OS announcement. Apart from the obvious significance of the two largest tech behemoths going head to head the BBC did wonder if it would spell the end of the push for Linux on the netbook platform. Of course they didn’t actually read the blog post …

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Cryptographic Hashes

If your new to cryptographic hashes or simply want an intro that isn’t overly heavy detailed maths then I can recommend The Code Monkey’s Guide by kernel hacker Valerie Aurora.