I've got the Power!

Posted on Thu 18 November 2004 by alex in geek, general

Thanks to the ever helpful Mr Parker of CCL Computers my new AMD64 system will soon be winging it way towards me. Of course taking full advantage of the system will require running native 64 bit apps. My current desktop href="http://www.mandrakesoft.com/products/101/powerpack-plus">Mandrake
has a 64 bit version available. The new kid on the block is Ubuntu which is a Debian based system but more up to date and desktop orientated. Of course given compiler techniques for the AMD are still evolving (and I like to try new tools) maybe I should think of going for a proper source based distro like Gentoo.
If any penguin heads have opinions on any of these options let me know. If I can come to a conclusion by the weekend I can leave bittorrent spanking my broadband while I party away in Leeds.

Some of the discussion at last nights meal was to its origins. I'm sure the meal had started while I was living in Kingswood road. The time frame would put the start at somewhere from early '95 to early '96. I certainly remember at one point the meal coincided with the 2nd season premier of Sharpe. And I'm sure Bu's meat feast was all cooked
round the same flat. It important we try and pin down the start date because it will soon be time for the 10th Anniversary Meal. That is right a 10th anniversary! Yikes!