7 Arena Fights, 1 Quest and a fairly late night...

Posted on Mon 15 August 2011 in geek, general • Tagged with larp, odyssey, weekend

..have left my a little weary this morning. I spent this weekend at my first full length Odyssey event which gave me a fuller impression of the world than last years quick visit.

The arena is still my favourite part of the experience. Certainly as I don't get much LARP …

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2010 In Memorium

Posted on Sun 02 January 2011 in geek, general • Tagged with 2010, emacs, life, review

2010 has been a pretty good year for us, it seems like is has packed a lot in.

Professionally I've been doing really well. The company I work for has had yet another record breaking year which has triggered my bonus again (although I don't find out how much until …

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This wire here?

Posted on Mon 22 November 2010 in geek, general • Tagged with backpain, electricity, house, mac, macbook

I spent most of Saturday hunting a neutral wire fault in the downstairs lighting circuit with my Dad. It was the reason the side lighting in our living room wasn't working and it turned out it was the "spare" wire we found when replacing the ceiling rose in the same …

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Passing by faster

Posted on Sun 17 October 2010 in geek, general • Tagged with freebies, lrp, wedding

The last two weeks have certainly seemed to flash past. Last weekend saw a flying visit up to Manchester for K & V's wedding. I have left it to others to document and supply photographic evidence.

In the meantime we've both been getting into the swing of the work schedule. Luckily …

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Finding the Signal

Posted on Tue 14 September 2010 in geek, general • Tagged with gps, maldives, wifi

With no diving excursions today we set about mapping the island. Despite my earlier comments there is GPS signal around and fairly good visibility of satellites. However the signal-to-noise ratio is pretty bad that most of them can't be used for location. I'm not sure if this is by accident …

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