Defeated by Exim

Posted on Sun 16 October 2005 in geek, general

Failed in my attempt to upgrade to exim4 today. The documentation for upgrading is just so dam sparse. It doesn't help that all the Debian Specific Documentation is in the exim4-base package. This means you have to commit to upgrading before you've had a chance to read the migration notes. After about a hour of faffing around with a non-working mail system I reverted back to exim3 and everything starts working again. I may of generated a few bounces in the process but I think they where mainly all spam anyway. A re-send will work. I shall have to give it another go once I'm more compos mentis.

I blame a lot of this on being very tired. I had an okay Wendyhouse last night although not one of my best. I should of been more awake but I was paying for my exuberance on Friday night. Still next weekend should involve some healthy exercise as I join my parents up in York for a bit of walking. And drinking, *ehem*...