Late Night, Early Evening

Posted on Thu 02 February 2006 in misc

I'm working late again tonight in an effort to get everything lined up for heading down to Philipa's at a reasonable time tomorrow. Luckily one of the milestone tests is now working with my code (well works 1 time out of 3 but thats a hell of an improvement on where I was). Once I've got this stuff into the baseline (always a late night effort) all thats left is being able to have that feature switched on by default.

In the meantime in light of yesterdays amendment of the religious hatred bill which I assume was aimed at cutting down on this while at the same time not preventing this. I notice the BBC has started censoring itself no longer showing the cartoons as it did in earlier reports. I can appreciate it to a degree as I don't think you should go out of your way to deliberately offend people if you can help it. However once people start threatening to target citizens of countries that refuse to punish their free press you've lost any sympathy I may have. The question I hope comes up on tonight's Question Time is:

"Would the publication of the Danish cartoons in the UK constituterecklessincitement of religious hatred?"