Flash Looting

Posted on Wed 10 August 2011 in general • Tagged with looting, politics, riots

As the sun rises on a new day and businesses across the country count the cost of the nights violence we awake to a new phenomena. The technology and social networking that brought us the Flash Mob have now brought us the Flash Loot.

When you start hearing some of …

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Move along, nothing to see here.

Posted on Tue 12 July 2011 in general • Tagged with murdoch, news, politics, press

It's been a while since I've last posted. I make a conscious effort not to post general household news in favour of things that stimulate debate and comments. I hope that my writings end up being interesting to someone even if it is only me reviewing these posts in the …

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Posted on Thu 30 June 2011 in general • Tagged with pensions, politics, strikes

A number of public sector unions are striking today over changes to their pension arrangements. As a result Fliss has gone into London today rather than working from home, hopefully balanced out by a slightly less insane commute. Before she left for her train we listened to Mark Serwotka debating …

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Posted on Wed 04 May 2011 in general • Tagged with av, politics, referendum, voting

I was thinking of twining about how hard my life was especially as I haven't been able to get my CoD on for the last two weeks due to the extended PSN outage. However I was reminded this morning that it's voting day tomorrow and given the current polling is …

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Desperation and Mud slinging

Posted on Sun 24 April 2011 in general • Tagged with av, may 5th, politics, voting

It's unfortunate as we roll towards the referendum in May that the debate has become one framed around mud slinging and pandering to fears without actually discussing the system itself.

Item one for the prosecution was the "No to AV" campaigns leaflet that arrived on my doorstep claiming that they …

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