Wah Wah, We're Special

Posted on Tue 30 January 2007 in misc

It's tempting to comment on today's release of Vista but I suspect I shall wait until reports of machines being bricked when drivers start getting remotely revoked by Microsoft.

Instead I thought I would offer a comment on the Catholic Church complaining they haven't been given the right to discriminate. The central basis of their argument is the state in trying to dictate a new morality through new laws. Frankly I find it mildly offencive that churches consider themselves to be special when it comes to the issues of morals. By all means they can preach why they think children should be denied loving homes with gay couples but that's something for the pulpit* - not when offering a service. The new law isn't exactly dictating morality, it's reflecting the changes in society that is broadly more accepting and tolerant than some ancient books. If we start allowing religions exemptions from the law then what about my deeply held beliefs? Do they trump the law as well?

*As ever I'm a believer in free speech. I'll stand up for peoples right to say what they think just as I'm free to draw my own conclusions from their statements.