Linkification Day

Posted on Wed 14 February 2007 by alex in misc

A selection of links for everyone today. First off all one from the Guardian predicting the imminent death of SCO. While I have some sympathy for the normal working Joe's that will loose their jobs I'll still be having a party to celebrate the death of SCO and their ill founded legal attacks on Linux. They deserve everything they get.

A few on the topic of DRM. Bill Thompson analyses Steve Jobs pronouncements on DRM. He seems to share a little of the scepticism I professed a few days ago. People experiencing Vista may want to read Bruce Schneier's interesting article on DRM in Vista. I don't quite share the pessimism of his final thoughts but it's interesting reading none the less.

Vanity Fair are also running an interesting piece on The Pirate Bay. Including some heretical quotes (at least to the MPAA) like Disney's Anne Sweeney:

"Piracy is a business model, It exists to serve a need in the market-consumers who want TV content on demand. And piracy competes for consumers the same way we do: through quality, price, and availability."

I hope the BBC takes note of the consequences of making their TV content on-demand less attractive than the pirate option.