14 Days Later

Posted on Fri 25 May 2007 in general

Fliss has headed back down to the big smoke after spending a lovely two weeks visiting up north. While work has been going crazy it's been really nice to come home to my lovely girlfriend. I'm more than a little sad we are seperated by geography again. On the plus side my house is a lot tidier and I'm sure she's happy to be looking after my car. I'm fighting the urge to pine....

I joined Aidan, Dave, Jacob and (alt) Marcus to watch 28 Weeks Later. It was pretty much as expected although I did find the large amount of shaky cam a little annoying at the end. It also confirms my belief that the majority of the population in horror movies are obviously far too stupid to be allowed to survive. TJ would have fits at some of the lapses in risk assessment portrayed in the film. For one thing an Access All Areas pass for site services shouldn't include the room your keeping you confirmed infected hosts in. Having said that it was a fun enough film. We shall see what Pirates of the Caribbean : At Worlds End is like on Sunday. Some of the reviews I've seen so far have not been promising.