Posted on Mon 01 December 2008 in general • Tagged with films, sci-fi

We went down to London on Saturday to join some birthday drinks while enjoying the Wales-Australia game (the pub not wanting to splash out 20k on the Sky Sports license for the England-All Blacks game). It was a good choice to as we were treated to a nice close game …

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The three cultures of Alex de Bennee

Posted on Tue 31 July 2007 in general • Tagged with films

The weekend involved several brushes with the arts (of sorts). Saturday saw me join Mikey and co to see the robot movie Transformers. Friends reviews have been quite varied. My personal take on the film is if you turn your brain off for the plot and want to see giant …

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Routine is the Enemy of the Conscious Mind

Posted on Wed 30 May 2007 in general • Tagged with films

It's easy to make your mind switch off by following a fixed daily routine. Things are likely to go wrong when you mess with that routine even with a few small details. For example my daily commute involves reading the free sheet, listening to the radio on the way in …

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14 Days Later

Posted on Fri 25 May 2007 in general • Tagged with films

Fliss has headed back down to the big smoke after spending a lovely two weeks visiting up north. While work has been going crazy it's been really nice to come home to my lovely girlfriend. I'm more than a little sad we are seperated by geography again. On the plus …

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