The three cultures of Alex de Bennee

Posted on Tue 31 July 2007 in general

The weekend involved several brushes with the arts (of sorts). Saturday saw me join Mikey and co to see the robot movie Transformers. Friends reviews have been quite varied. My personal take on the film is if you turn your brain off for the plot and want to see giant robots fighting in glorious CGI then this film delivers.

Sunday saw me joining Phil and Karl for an open air production of Twelfth Night in Wythenshawe Park. It was a fantastic show and ticks another live Shakespeare off my list.

On Monday the company social fund paid for a trip to the cinema to which I took the opportunity to see the Simpsons Movie in the gallery of the Filmworks. The film was pretty good although it did feel a little padded. I was less impressed with the Gallery experience. Although I wasn't expecting the alcohol to be inclusive the snack selection was less than stellar. Yes the seats are bigger but you'd still be better off buying a normal ticket and what you actually want to eat over the counter.