Smooth Running

Posted on Tue 28 August 2007 by alex in general

I came home on the metro today after a month or so of using the pretty efficient bus service. The ride is certainly a lot smoother although they seem to be taking it easy on the new rails at the moment. I knew it was quieter as I could hear my radio without having to turn the volume up to silly levels. We shall see if the other promises of increased reliability materialise over the next few years.

Last weekend was the second weekend in a row I've spent in London. Hi-lights include seeing Jo O and her new physics bloke. Apparently I engaged in some willy waving although I like to feel my question about the practical use of the knowledge of the Standard Model was a conversational gambit.

We went to see All About My Mother at the Old Vic last night. It was a preview night but despite Spacey's "Just in case" speech it all seemed to go quite well. It certainly wins a lot of technical points for the amount of scene changing involved. Diana Rigg was excellent playing Huma and plaudits should also go to Mark Gatiss for his portrayal of the transvestite prostitute Agrado.