Everyone likes stats

Posted on Mon 26 March 2012 in general • Tagged with life, manchester, ursula

So what has my blogging frequency been like, well I'm glad you asked:

[archive_chart name="Posting frequency over the last 12 months" width="600" height="300" count="12"]

It seems the trend is pretty clear and it's not exactly surprising as my hands have been more than full with other …

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Posted on Fri 17 February 2012 in general • Tagged with family, life, ursula

As predicted the blogging has dropped off quite precipitously. I still seem to be functioning on a reduced amount of sleep (although Fliss is taking the brunt of the sleep interruption by far). However the evenings are both shorter and much more structured. Eating is slowly moving from a task …

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Getting organised

Posted on Fri 13 January 2012 in geek • Tagged with emacs, life, org-mode

What with becoming a parent and getting promoted I suddenly find myself needing to become a lot more organised. Although I've been using org-mode for a bit I need to get a lot more organised with it.

Previously I had two sets of org notes. My personal set where sitting …

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Project Veg Patch

Posted on Mon 17 October 2011 in general • Tagged with house, life, veg patch

I noticed I haven't posted anything this month about what's going on in my life. Well as you can imagine the impending arrival of our first child has kind of glossed over everything else. I have not yet achieved a state of panic but it's very firmly in the radar …

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Primary Data

Posted on Tue 17 May 2011 in general • Tagged with children, life

` <http://www.bennee.com/~alex/blog/2011/05/17/primary-data/baby-3/>`__

It's hard to explain the impact of seeing a few grainy pixels waving at you on a medical monitor stand. While it's a sign of our modern magical times that I can provide people with a picture of …

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