Posted on Wed 06 February 2008 in geek, general

I wondered down to visit my old colleagues from the Braddahead days for lunch today. Since the acquisition (and subsequent collapse of the acquiring company) they have set up shop as Streamscale and are working on upgrading and developing the CCTV system I started on over 5 years ago. They even have the original Debian development servers I set-up all that time ago. We went to the pub and spent the time swapping war stories of redundancy and poor timing as well as a bit of discussion on how the technology had moved on. I also got to find out the reason behind some of those niggling little bugs I hadn't gotten to the bottom of when I left Baxalls. I'm glad to see it's all still going. The Vivid DVR is still an amazing piece of kit and has got quite a lot of potential to do clever stuff given the software system design, even if I do say so myself :-)