Day One

Posted on Mon 17 March 2008 by alex in misc

Today has been a busy first day. The journey in was surprisingly easy, so much so I beat my new boss into the office. A brief chat with H.R. was quickly followed diving straight into the technical details of the system and where the product I'll be responsible for is heading. The first few days are always a little overwhelming, especially when initial timescales for delivery are quoted in 3 months. Luckily it was made clear the product development will be an iterative one. I still need to get some planning and analysis in place though as it would be silly to start writing code without some agreement from other stakeholders. I've got some initial coding to do with an existing product as a way to get familiar with the existing code-base although luckily it's divorced from the bundled system build so I was able to wack it into git so I can avoid the horrors of CVS. Hopefully by the end of the week my head will have stopped spinning quite so much and the mountain will seem a little shorter, if only by a few feet :-)