Almost there

Posted on Fri 19 November 2010 in geek • Tagged with development, edit with emacs, emacs, help

I thought I might just mention the current state of the development for Edit with Emacs. A number of useful contributions have come in but I want to be able the "incremental edit" feature in the elisp edit server. I had a go but got stuck (marvel at hack in …

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Edit with Emacs v1.8

Posted on Thu 19 August 2010 in geek • Tagged with chrome, chromium, development, elisp, emacs, extension, javascript

After a relatively quiet period a number of patches have flowed my way so I thought it was worth pushing out a new version. Perhaps the most "important" feature is the edit box flashing and fading from yellow after being updated (like It's All Text). It wasn't that hard to …

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Thoughts on Java

Posted on Fri 12 February 2010 in geek • Tagged with development, eclipse, emacs, java, jdee, opennms

I've been spending the last week hacking around in Java. One of the components of the product I develop is the open source OpenNMS. As I've mentioned before it's been lightly modified by myself to blend in better with our code mainly in the JSP department for it's web interface …

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Finding Open Source Android applications

Posted on Wed 21 October 2009 in geek • Tagged with android, development, htc hero

I love my HTC Hero and growing number of applications that are available for it. However the marketplace really doesn't make clear the difference between free (as in beer) and free (as in freedom). For all sorts of reasons I'd like to be sure the code running on my new …

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Migrating to Wordpress?

Posted on Mon 21 September 2009 in misc • Tagged with development

Live Journal have been more than a little crap the last week or so. As many may know I actually host my blog on my own website but most people comment on the syndicated feed on Live Journal. I'm thinking of migrating my blog to the slightly more feature complete …

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