Exchange the root of All Evil

Posted on Tue 18 March 2008 in misc

It seems MS Exchange really is as bad as I've heard. Thankfully Evolution can talk to the in-coming/out-going mail bits of Exchange. It also happily slurps up invites and adds them to it's own calender view (which I assume I can publish somewhere that Google Calender could slurp). However when it sends the reply back to Exchange it gets cryptic messages about quotas which make no sense to the IT guy. *sigh* so much for interoperability.

I've been playing with a few UML tools to capture this products Use Cases. I'm not looking for anything very flash (certainly not going down the full code generation root) however it would be nice to have something a little swisher than a hand-drawn document. So far I've played with Umbrello and Gaphor. Both seem reasonable although the Gaphor package is a little broken, it may be easier to run from the bleeding edge. I gave up on Dia as it's UML support was more in the form of a widget palette. Anyone care to recommend any other FLOSS UML tools?