1. Get Arrested, 2. ?, 3. Profit!

Posted on Wed 11 June 2008 by alex in misc

The debate on 42 days detention without trial (or should we call it internment) continues to roll on. It's been particularly interesting listening to the politicos curious at why Parliament is being particularly difficult about this considering it allegedly a very popular policy with the "people". This hasn't been my experience when I've discussed it with any one, perhaps I just hang around with too many pinko liberals :-)

As the bill rolls toward the vote the talk is of concessions to appease the rebels. I'm not sure if I heard the radio right but I thought I heard them mention a figure of �3000 pounds a day for each day over 28 days you where held. It's almost tempting to buy a laptop and cat the contents of /dev/random to spare partition on the disk and start wandering around London taking pictures of CCTV posts. Might turn into a nice little earner. Of course I have to hope I'm white and British enough that I don't end up on on a plane to somewhere less savoury and respecting of human rights.

I can only hope the bill gets properly defeated today and I salute any Labour rebel who refuses to tow the party line just because the government has other political difficulties at the moment.