Posted on Fri 13 June 2008 in misc

Well David Davies certainly got peoples attention. It's nice to be surprised by a politician for a change and it's certainly an issue that could do with more debate. Is it a political stunt though?

I think it's pretty clear it's not what the Tory's wanted to do, it's not part of the other Dave's game plan. That leaves two options. Either David Davies has decided to bow out of politics in a spectacular crash or he's doing this on a point of principle. I'm prepared to believe the later and salute him for it. Having said that looking at his constituency it's a fairly safe place to force a by-election, especially with the Lib Dems standing aside. Of course by-elections are unpredictable and if we are to believe the polls chairmen Brown has the people on his side on this particular issue. I respectively submit the people are wrong and in need of re-education. But it does make the election less of a slam dunk for Davies.

I sincerely hope that the next few weeks are ones where a wider debate about civil liberties can be had. We need to convince the rest of the pro-42 days populace that just because some one is arrested under the terrorist act it doesn't mean they are. People need reminding that the rights habeas corpus and a fair trail are there to protect us citizens from the state. That just because you have nothing to hide it doesn't give the state a right to routinely pry into your lives. That just because a few criminal nutters decided to blow themselves up on the underground we shouldn't live in a climate of disproportionate fear and accept whatever the government does is for our own "protection". Really I want to talk to people that think these moves are good ones and convince them why they are not and I hope everyone else does to.

It has still to be decided if Labour will put up a candidate or rely on a proxy candidate (which tells you everything you need to know about the current government IMHO). I'm sure every effort will be made to make this about the personality of Davies and his relationship with Cameron but I hope the arguments will be about the principles. And for allowing that argument to get aired for more than a days worth of coverage on a parliamentary vote Davies has my support. And I hope you support him on this issue even if you disagree with his party on everything else.