For Freedom?

Posted on Tue 17 June 2008 in misc

Well my comment on Nick Robinson blog is still stuck behind the moderation wall. I'm not sure why, I was only asking why he was covering political gossip rather than the actual issues of politics. I hope they tell me why at some point.

In fact the after the shock and coverage of last week the media seems to have gone very quiet on the Civil Liberties/Davies story. It seems to be sinking into one of those stories that lasts less than three days - and therefore to be consigned to oblivion. It has been quite noticeable the difference in coverage in the traditional media (especially the Murdoch press) and the more diverse blogosphere. It's is perhaps inevitable that to get the message out politicians will need campaign sites and twitter feeds. I'm not going as far to friend him on facebook though!

It remains to be seen if these will become locations for the debate or just a collection of ra-ra's backing their candidate. Social sites can still be incredibly insular within a certain group of people and what's critical is getting the debate out there with the 60% of people that allegedly support the government in these draconian measures.