Arrogance of the blogosphere?

Posted on Wed 18 June 2008 in misc

There is a nice piece in the Gruniads Comment is Free section on the disconnect between the mainstream media and the rest of the world. Of course it's very hard from here to tell if "user-generated" content is as representative as the main stream media says it is not. However its great when people can sound off on their opinions when the media doesn't give them a voice. To that end, as it's still stuck in BBC moderation hell my comment reads thus:

What upsets me most about these sort of stories is in the current climate it completely misses the interesting things happening in politics.

Looking at the papers after the weekend they are starting to role back on their criticisms of Davies having realised there is a sizable (majority/minority?) group of people that actually care about the issue of civil liberties. The blog-sphere (outside the BBC) is alive with comment from both sides of the debate talking about the *issue*. You seem to be doing your best to ignore DD and the by-election campaign. And it should be plain to see with the number of comments on your pieces on DD that people are interested in whats going on.

Nick, you are a political reporter. Go report on the politics. Try and avoid the Westminster village mentality that ignores what is happening out in the real world. There are people out there who are not politicians but still have views on it and they are just as much of the political arena as the elected representatives. Please, go earn your paycheck!

I'm struggling to see how that message breaks the House Rules except maybe being off-topic (which was the point of the comment, besides there other mentions of DD on the post). Perhaps News Sniffer needs to monitor comments on the BBC blogs?