Folk Festival

Posted on Sat 02 August 2008 in misc

Yesterday was the first full day of the Cambridge Folk Festival. There was a slight delay to getting there as Mufi and TJ had been held up by one of those rare M6 accidents. However once they arrived we took the very environmentally friendly bus to the site.

It's a very gentle festival which is nice because it means the loos are OK, there is a selection of real-ales at the not overly crowded bar and a great selection of food. We spent most of the day in front of the main stage and met some interesting people who where next to our "patch".

Last nights bands included The Waifs (lovely bluesy aussie band), The Peatbog Faries (high energy celtic dance), Bill Bragg (political protest songs of a slightly leftish hue ;-), and the final band was festival stalwarts The Levellers (sing-a-long folk rock from my youth).

We shall see what today brings :-)