Posted on Wed 06 August 2008 in misc

I've been playing with emacsclient in an effort to make things like editing blog entries faster by re-using existing emacs sessions. It's almost doing what I want it to do but there doesn't seem to be a way of checking if there is already a server running withing emacs itself. I'm not touching tty support yet as the many hacks do indeed look quite hacky, especially with screen involved.

We had a water meter installed this morning which in theory should mean lower water bills. We do like the occasional bath but apparently you can have about 15 baths for �2.40 so we shouldn't be maxing out too soon. Gardening is a worry but really we should get a water butt and collect rain water for that. However I doubt we will bother while renting here.

Spent last night watching another chunk of the very funny Suburban Shootout last night. I'm giving the season 2 DVD some thought. Tonight we do the Dark Knight.