Lies and damn lies

Posted on Mon 06 October 2008 in misc

I haven't commented much on the US election recently. It after all the democratic process in a sovereign country which is quite capable of making it's own decisions about who represents it. Of course given the USA's influence on the rest of the world it's understandable that we do take an interest in the result of the upcoming election.

It is saddening to see the campaign sinking into dirty smear tricks territory. Fortunately if you follow up on the comments you can see them for what they are. However it really depends on those floating voters that aren't decided proactively following up on what is reported in the media. The other key group of people is those not yet registered to vote so it's good to see Google doing their bit to encourage voter registration and I assume by extension voter turnout. I'm always disappointed by the comparably low turnout in these things. If things go to form a little over 55% of the registered voters in the US will decide who the next "leader of the free world" will be.