Posted on Mon 06 October 2008 in misc

I've been doing some prototyping recently in Python as an experiment. The idea being I can mock up a simple app with GUI with minimal effort and of course learning new languages is fun. A big driver is that it's not perl. An awful lot of perl is implicit based on context and a lot of the syntactic sugar you end up sprinkling about to make things explicit can make your code look as though it's been vomited on. I didn't fancy trying to cope with that in a moderately complex perl script.

So far I'm pretty happy with how quickly I've picked up Python. The principle of least surprise seems to be holding when using new things. The only problem I have is how to break an arbitrarily sized list into an arbitrary number of arguments for a varargs style function call. I suspect the solution will be beautiful in it's simplicity but I suspect I need to read up more on Python's concept of sequences. Of course this is simple in perl as all function calls basically just pass an array of stuff.