For our American Cousins

Posted on Mon 03 November 2008 in misc

It's a big day tomorrow and the last of the endorsements for the next President of the USA are coming in. While I have some fairly good ideas of who I'd like to see installed in the White House it's not really my place to say. It's a rather fundamental concept of democracy that people get to choose their own leaders. If we respect the institution of democracy we have to accept the result even if we don't like it. Having said that I have found it rather amusing hearing some of the accusations of socialism being bandied around. I think the USA has a rather different view of socialism than we do over in Europe. A friend of mine who has emigrated to the US once described the politics there as "right wing and even more right wing" :-)

What I can wish for is that the USA has a free and fair election and everyone eligible gets a chance to vote. I would urge that any US citizen of any political persuasion does exercise their right to vote even if they think it won't be electorally significant. The votes are still counted and I think that's still an important thing.

Despite our complete lack of control over the outcome it doesn't mean we are disinterested in the result. Who ever wins will hold a privileged position as leader of the major world power. That position inevitably has the power to influence the world and we will all feel the consequences of that. So tomorrow night we will be hosting our US election soiree and enjoying a few beers and nibbles as we watch the results come in. I wonder if there is a Swingometer for tomorrows elections?