Posted on Mon 01 December 2008 in general

We went down to London on Saturday to join some birthday drinks while enjoying the Wales-Australia game (the pub not wanting to splash out 20k on the Sky Sports license for the England-All Blacks game). It was a good choice to as we were treated to a nice close game which was won by the home side. Well done Wales!

Sunday was a lazy day of TV watching as we spent around 5 hours sorting through a few months accumulated paper work, filing a large chunk of it and re-cycling an even larger chunk Boring work but needed some sorting out.

We did watch a few films over the weekend including the rather touching dystopian Wall-E. It's a lovely film and very well presented. There are a number of references/homages to other science fiction films including the obvious Silent Running which is now on our rental list. I was also quite taken with the space travel sequence which was heavily influenced by the Star Trek: Voyager title credits. Wall-E is certainly a worthwhile addition to any collection.