Bunker mentality

Posted on Fri 06 February 2009 by alex in geek

True to Hofstader's law it took a few extra days to finish of my (unpaid) work at Essex University. You can see the final results here. It was essentially tweaking a psychology experiment to work in a different colour space and with some funky high dynamic colour range hardware. After the first day of struggling with Python IDLE editor I caved in and installed a Windows aware copy of Emacs and fiddled with getting python-mode working in Windows. It removed a lot of the pain apart from every time the keymap randomly switched and whenever I had to use the browser which didn't have an awesome bar. And I certainly don't miss the constant reboots and bad crashes.

The last few days we have been hunkered in at home as the weather decides how much snow it will dump each day. The trains to London are basically broken so Fliss has been working from home. I'm also working from home and onto my next project of generating smart playlists for Rhythmbox. Luckily it seems someone has already done some work on this so I can concentrate on plumbing the existing code into Rhythmbox and cleaning up the UI.