Still paddling under the water

Posted on Thu 10 February 2011 in general • Tagged with life, work

Don't take the lack of activity on this blog as an indication that life has been quiet, far from it. Work continues to be an exercise of multiple plate juggling. Although most nights I've been either clocking up kills on CoD multi-player or vegging watching DVDs other stuff has happened …

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Sound of Drums

Posted on Thu 27 January 2011 in general • Tagged with cbnl, drums, work

Yesterday I spent most of the day at the companies annual conference. It's quite a good day as we bring the whole company together in Cambridge so we catch up with the guys working overseas. The first half of the day is the usual discussion about the state of the …

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Busy busy bee

Posted on Tue 25 January 2011 in general • Tagged with jobs, life, work

One reason my posting rate has dropped off so massively is I've been really busy at work. So busy that my capacity for intellectual thought in the evening is reduced to slobbing on the sofa watching DVDs or occasionally firing up CoD in split-screen and killing people with my wife …

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But will it make the boat go faster?

Posted on Fri 16 July 2010 in general • Tagged with cbnl, work

Yesterday I attended an all day away event with work. It was a combination of motivational speaking, team working exercises as well as management Q&A's and board level views. There was talk about vision and values. We had pretty much the entire company in the same place including the …

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Return to form

Posted on Fri 26 February 2010 in geek, general • Tagged with beard, recycling, work

I have returned to my clean shaved form. As the mornings get lighter and winter starts to recede I prefer my whole face to take advantage of the additional sunlight. I fairly certain I shall return to bearded form next winter.

Today has been clear-out day at work. Much of …

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