Giving up on Xorg

Posted on Mon 02 March 2009 in geek

You may recall the adventures of playing with the bleeding edge of Xorg. Well I've given up, I just don't have enough time for tinkering with my main machines display. I managed to get a locally built Xserver after a fashion but I keep hitting various brick walls. I've basically committed myself to trying out the latest driver releases in my working distro xorg setup as and when they are released and tracking and offering feedback on a few bugs.

It's a shame really as accessibility to new developers is a key feature of any successful open source project. While Xorg has come a long way and are making pro-active efforts at improving their code-base and interaction with upstream projects it's still hard to jump in and try. This is of course complicated by the type of project X is. It touches the kernel, the 3D subsystem and the windowing subsystem and is by it's very nature a complex beast. Hopefully things will improve over time and next time I have a desire for compiz bling things will have improved a few more incremental steps. In the meantime it's back to having grouped tabs on my browser and using Gnome's workspace setup.