Weekends of the past and future

Posted on Mon 20 April 2009 in misc

We finally seem to be have returned fully to the UK time zone. This week sees a return to normal service.

We had Fliss' sister visiting for the weekend as she prepares to head of to sunnier (and more dangerous) climes for her MSc project. This coincided with my Mum's brother and wife visiting from Canada. As a result we celebrated with an extended family meal at local restaurant Sycamore House. Saturday came and went in a blizzard of news papers and some film I succeeded in passing out in front of. The tiredness of jet lag seems to hit me very quickly and suddenly making it very difficult to stay awake.

Sunday involved to Sudbury for breakfast and dropping Steph back at the family home. We took advantage of the lovey sunshine to tackle to the garden. I'd tackled the 5 weeks of unrestricted growth earlier in the week with a general hack attack, however it still wasn't neat. Fliss gave the lawn a second mowing and also cleared up and trimmed all the borders. I was directed to attend to one of the flower beds and give it a general weeding. We have a plethora of seeds for various vegetables which we shall attempt to propagate over the next few days. The garden now looks a lot neater and ready for the summer season of BBQ's and gatherings. Even at this early stage of spring the patio area is still proving to be a lovely sun trap. Despite the days hard labour we made it through Sunday's film even though it was over 2 hours long. I did fall asleep pretty quickly though!

We were planning to visit Manchester next weekend however there is a confluence of sisters and mothers which makes staying down south the more sensible option. We would like come up to Manchester soon and celebrate our engagement amongst our northern friends. It may be worth combining with some other event going on up there so I'm open to suggestions (as well as offers of crash space!). We're thinking sometime in May/June. Ideas?