Topping up the tan

Posted on Mon 15 June 2009 in general

My arms are starting to approach some sort of healthy* shade of brown as I've spent the last three days out in the sunshine and fresh air.

Friday I took advantage of my current employment flexibility to join my parents for a walk in Hertfordshire. My parents had been planning on going on Wednesday but the turn in the weather made Friday a far more preferable day to be walking. By the end of the day my neck felt a little red but not overly burnt.

Saturday was spent messing about on the river as we punted from town to Grantchester for Chris' birthday celebrations. I'm sure I've drunk Pimms before but it certainly goes well with the activity. Again the weather held up for the day and I returned home well illuminated.

Fliss and I headed to the tiny county of Rutland on Sunday with bikes attached to the car to join my brother, partner and parents for a cycle ride around Rutland water. All told it was around 18 miles of fairly easy cycling with a few pubs and a gasto pub/restaurant thrown into the bargain. The only downside was hearing my brothers power assisted mountain bike whir past me on some of the steeper climbs!

After 3 days of sunshine I won't mind the rain being forecast for this evening. The forecast has however been woefully wrong for the last 3 days I have no idea what today will bring!

* healthy/radiation burns, it all depends on your point of view