Sea of sharks

Posted on Tue 07 July 2009 in general

I spent the day with a potential client today looking over an interesting safety product. If I get any paying work out of it my client list would total 3 which isn't too bad considering how long I have been trading as Half Llama Technology. The catch of course is getting paid for the work.

Like most of the UK manufacturing base this company is suffering in the current climate. It's not helped by being a start-up type affair with investors jumping ship. However it's an interesting product and despite development being hosted on Windows and using a unfamiliar processor I was able to sort a few things out during today's free consultation. I'll probably end up committing 5-10 days of my free time to the project and crossing my fingers. If nothing else it will add a few more tick boxes to my CV. Being paid for the work will feel like a bonus ;-)