A Bad Week for Cars

Posted on Tue 28 July 2009 by alex in general

On the back of previously mentioned car issues it's existence was topped off with an unplanned impact with the side of the road yesterday.

We had been enjoying a meal with S&J who are providing the venue for the wedding. The drive back was through some rather wet A roads (not helped by the non-functional driver side window) and we were caught unawares on a rather slippery S bend. Mercifully there were no other cars on the road when we executed the skid, bounce and spin manoeuvre. The final result was a large chunk of the road-side caught up underneath the car and 3-4 dents in the driver side where the car lost an argument with the hedge. The wing mirror was also decapitated by the greenery although as it was dark we never found the detached pieces. We were both a little shaken but pretty much unhurt.

Last night's cryptic status update wasn't actually referring to the wedding costs but my initial assessment of the damage once we got home. Luckily the fully comprehensive insurance will cover everything above our rather high excess but it's still obviously an annoyance. Still the most important thing was we walked away from accident and as pilots like to point out the ability to walk away is considered a success condition.