Tenuous Grip

Posted on Mon 22 February 2010 in general • Tagged with car, holiday, walking

We have just returned from a weekend in the Peak District, ostensibly for walking although we stayed on for extra loafing and a Goose dinner on Sunday. The event is a regular birthday celebration/mass catering event held in various youth hostels near various peaks over the years. This was …

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Ready to Go

Posted on Tue 01 September 2009 in general • Tagged with car, home, house

I dropped my car off at the body-shop for it's cosmetic surgery today. It will be there for 8-9 working days. On a completely unrelated note we have a completion date now which is in the scarily close sub-fortnight range. Hopefully we'll be moved into our new house the weekend …

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A Bad Week for Cars

Posted on Tue 28 July 2009 in general • Tagged with car

On the back of previously mentioned car issues it's existence was topped off with an unplanned impact with the side of the road yesterday.

We had been enjoying a meal with S&J who are providing the venue for the wedding. The drive back was through some rather wet A …

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Posted on Tue 28 July 2009 in general • Tagged with car, lrp, maelstrom

Maelstrom was fun to a degree but I was plagued by a number of OOC occurrences which slightly marred our enjoyment of the event.

We arrived on site pretty much without incident and as per usual we opened the car windows as we handed over our tickets. After finding somewhere …

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