Posted on Mon 03 August 2009 in general

We spent the weekend attending the wedding of C&P in the royal county of Buckinghamshire. The less said about the hotel and it's concept of service the better. Needless to say things went downhill when we adjourned to alternative bar to avoid the bi-monthly "night club" running in the main bar. As no real beer was forthcoming I was quite keen to get my cocktail groove on. We were soon disappointed to find the "Cocktail Bar" was a cocktail bar in name only. Anyway best not dwell on the negatives of the accommodation, just avoid this hotel.

Otherwise it was a fine wedding which we saw through the prism of noting ideas for our own forthcoming nuptials. Highlights included the classic Routemaster Bus which shuttled us between the hotel, wedding and reception venues. It was the bus companies reserve bus as the other one had developed a fault but this just added to the excitement as we climbed, nay crawled, up the rather steep hills in the area. The cheers as we crested and moved out of 1st gear were much fun. The caterers should also get recognition for serving out more than a hundred portions of Beef Wellington from a shed hidden behind the marquee. There was also the launching of Chinese Lanterns which provided some lovely background to the evening sky.

Hotels aside it was a lovely event :-)